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FCS Recognizes the Math National Honor Society

Mrs. Celeste Serralta, Faculty Advisor to the FCS chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, the Math National Honor Society, is pleased to present this year’s MNHS members.  The criteria for membership is as follows:


  1. Must be enrolled in high school.
  2. Must have completed Algebra II with distinction
  3. Must be enrolled in a still more advanced course.
  4. Must have a weighted and unweighted average in math of 3.8 or higher
  5. Membership is open to all students (not just the ones taking honor math classes)
  6. Teacher recommendation

FCS congratulates these students for their outstanding achievements in mathematics!

Pictured Below, Back Row: Mrs. Celeste Serralta, Jonathan Martinez, Nick Esparragoza, Sabrina Donato, Natalie Fernandez, Elizabeth Suarez, Gabriela Sarmiento, Gianne De Santino, Kristine Reynardus, John Cabauy, Michelle Lopez, Kaitlyn Godoy, Emily Lago

2nd Row from top: Melanie Ouma, Josiah Bazyler, Ashley Castillo, David Ramos, Christopher Dahlan, Matthew Prieto, Daniela Guevara, Emily Roberts, Rafael Paz, Rachel Rosal,

3rd Row from top: Lucie Mau, Kristine Bover, Alexandra Perez, Emily Sosa, Lauren Penland, Alanna Buznego, Rebecca Abreu, Amanda Rodriguez, Faith Vazquez, Vanessa Marquez, Amanda Lorenzo

Front Row: Jessica Maristany, Daniella Cerboncini, Carolina Goizueta, Jessica Barcelo, Stephanie Watkins, Alexis Castaneda, Lauren Fuster, Jack Pertierra, Ian Mendez, Diego Coviella, Alex Alfonso

Not pictured: Brian Bolanos, Andrew Echezabal, Cassandra Fernandez-Dieguez, Genesis Koussiafes, Arthur Lievano, Sydni Liotta, Casey Lue, Rebecca Moura, Mark Simonitis

Math National Honor Society Officers: President – Elizabeth Suarez, Vice President – Emily Roberts, Secretary – Amanda Lorenzo, Treasurer – Kristine Reynardus, Chaplain – Jonathan Martinez, Representatives – Natalie Fernandez, Rachel Rosal

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