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FCS Recognizes Accelerated Readers

FCS Media Specialist, Mrs. Monica Arroyo, is pleased to recognize the students who are participating in the Accelerated Reading (AR) Program. AR is a computer program that helps teachers and librarians manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice.  Children using AR choose their own books to read, rather than having one assigned to them. This makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them. Teachers and librarians help the children choose books at an appropriate readability level that are challenging without being frustrating, ensuring that your child can pass the quiz and experience success.

Students in the 1st grade advanced class and the 2nd – 4th grades participate in AR.  Every class has different goals. Goals range from 2 points to 6 points a month. Students are encouraged to go beyond their goal to receive patches for their accomplishments.  They receive a silver star every month if they reach their classroom goal.  If they go beyond their classroom goal they receive different colored stars to represent their achievements. A red star represents reaching 25 points, a blue star represents reaching 50 points, green represents 75 points, and gold represents 100.  If they accumulate more than 100 the process begins again.  The stars can be ironed or sewn onto the students’ Friday shirts and be worn to display their accomplishments.

The students in the photo below have gone above and beyond their goals and have accumulated more than 25 points for the year.  Congratulations to all of these students on a job well done!

DSC_0001 Edited

Fifth Row: Juliette Bryant 4C, Cristina Pernas 3A, Madison Noguera 4B, Matthew Sicle 4C, Soyun Jeon 4B, Jessica Leake 4A, Natalya Mesa 4C, Gabriella Portillo 4B, Matheus Guerra 4C, Perry Pitelli 4A, Ashlyn Nunez 4B, Austin Bailey 4C, Patrick Herrera 4A, Alejandro Cejas 3A,  Ricardo Rios 3A, Carolina Tapanes 3A

Forth Row: Melanie Gonzalez 4C, Emily Torres 4C, Gabriela Membreno 4A, Amy Suarez 3A, Ella Diaz 4C, Sophia Valdes 4A, Nicolas Restrepo 4C, Zachary Bailey 4C, Sofia Acuna 4A, Martin Gomez 4C, Ariel Colon 4C, Lucas Ruiz 4A, Julian Acuna 4C, Jake Camejo 4C, Bradley Garcia 4C, Matthew Say 4B, Christopher Rivera 4B, Kevin Cruz 4A

Third Row: Justin Montoya 3A, Thomas Caskey 3A, Mathieu Munoz 4B, Charlie Stemmer 4A, Nicholas Chong 4A, Tyler Tracy 4B, Amanda Tejeda 4A, Jade Medina 4C, Jeremy Jaramillo 3B, Abrianna Hernandez 4C, Maya Ortiz 4B, Amanda Soriano 4A, Angelo DiTommaso 3A, Aiden Cuervo 3A, Roberto Alvarez 3A, Isabelle Prado 4A, Ethan Machin 4A

Second Row: Sofia Netto 3A, Gabriela Tapanes 3A, Isabella Bonilla 3A, Katherine Padron 3A, Emma Dieguez 3A, Sean Benedit 2A, Genesis  Bosque 2A, Rebecca Kemerer 2A, Alejandro Suarez 2A, Manuel Barcelo 2A, Adel Garcia 4A, Daniel Perez 2A, Andres Balart 4C, Evan Garcia 4C, Miguel Bichara 4B, Joshua Aguirre 3C, Julio Silva 4C

Front Row: Sophia Viera 4B, John Castellanos 4B, Samuel Basulto 3B, Nicole Denis 4A, Gianna Feinbloom 3B, Christina Almuina 3B, Camila Hernandez 3A, Nicole Vaz 3A, Gabby Ruiz 3A, Arianna Barrios 2A, Alyssa Ceballos 2A

Not Pictured: Aarik Gomez 4B, Keven Lacayo 4B, Sofia Raurell 4B, Ana Rosa 4C


DSC_0014 Edited

Top 4 Students: (Back Row) Matthew Sicle – 4th Grade – Over 170 points, Patrick Herrera – 4th Grade – Over 150 points (Front Row) Angelo Di Tommaso – 4th Grade – Over 150 points, Daniel Perez – 2nd Grade – Over 225 points.


DSC_0015 Edited

Top Student: Daniel Perez – 2nd Grade – Over 225 points