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FCS Middle School Science Fair

FCS Middle School Science Fair

FCS held its annual Middle School Science Fair in the Alumni Gymnasium where the projects of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students were displayed.  Students presented a fascinating demonstration of their robots in action. Families and friends had the opportunity to view the students’ projects followed by the awards ceremony during which teachers Mrs. del Valle, Mrs. Hopkins and Mrs. Pericles honored the students for their exceptional projects. Go Patriots!

8th Grade Winners: 1st Place – Julianne Manash, 2nd Place – Joseph Oceguera, 3rd Place Kaley Walkland



7th Grade Winners: 1st Place – Emily Rodriguez, 2nd Place – Nicholas Fernandez, 3rd Place – Julie Cruz, Rocio Lopez, Nicole Molina

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6th Grade Winners: 1st Place – Abigail Rashid, 2nd Place – Carolina Morales, 3rd Place – Matthew Diaz



Science Humanitarian Award: Yasmin Valiente – “Improving the Life of a Child with Emanuel Syndrome”

Yasmin’s older sister has Emanuel Syndrome and requires a gastric tube into her stomach. The area surrounding the opening tends to become inflamed and irritated.  Yasmin’s science fair project was to determine if by placing a soft terrycloth pad she wrapped in cloth under the tube, would the skin be less irritated. After 3 weeks of testing time, it was determined that by using the soft pad that Yasmin developed, there was definitely a positive difference in the condition of the skin surrounding the opening.  Congratulations to Yasmin!

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6th Grade Honorable Mention:

Christian Bosque, Rachel Burke, Valery Casamayor, Sasha Cejas, Angelina Cueto, Miranda De La Noval, Sofia de la Torre, Luna Dieguez, Lizette Frometa, Mikaela King, Joel Lago, Olivia Lobaina, Jason Losada, Cecilia Marcayda, Chloe Markey,Kristina Megias,Sarah Milton, Joel Obando, Veronica Parodi, Stephen Pella, Jorge Pernas, Christopher Rodriguez, Laura Rodriguez, Matthew Rosquete, Raphael Ruiz, Marcus Valdes, Preston Yuen

7th Grade Honorable Mention:

Victoria Cabaleiro, Chloe Chang, Lucas Chantres, Megan Diaz, Olivia Fernandez, Donald Harrington, Katrina Hernandez, Emily Manzano, Daniella Marrero, Elizabeth Pella, Savannah Ponce, Nicole Ramirez, Manuel Riesgo Jardines, Orestes Soler, Matthew Touma, Emma Valenti, Isabella Villaverde

8th Grade Honorable Mention:

Andres Fernandez, Jake Garcia, Leonard Lam, Michael Moreno, Cristina Northerner, Renee Ruiz, Guillermo Suarez