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FCS Eighth Graders Teach Elementary Science

FCS 8th grade students taught science lessons to 3rd-5th grade students on Tuesday, March 3rd. Groups of eighth graders visited each of the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms and presented two lessons: Volcanoes and Weight Displacement. The highlight of the volcano lesson was watching the volcano “erupt”.  The younger students were also amazed how much weight the towers made of sticks were able to hold.

The 8th grade students spoke very well as they effectively instructed the younger students.  As 8th grader Andres Ledon addressed the 5th graders, he commented, “It wasn’t that long ago I was sitting in this same classroom as a fifth grader.”  It was a special experience for both groups, the younger and older students, today.

Below: 8th graders in Mrs. Rubio’s 5th grade class – Alanna Rodriguez, Daniella Weihl, Giuliana Jas, Andres Ledon, Matthew Reisert


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Below: 8th graders in Mrs. Menendez’s 4th grade class – Kyra Ramirez, Victoria Mesa, Sergio Tejeda, Michael Ramos, Robert Ricelli, Christopher Touma

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Below: 8th graders in Mrs. Wright’s 5th grade class – Mia Melo, Sandra Pedre,  Nicole Gonzalez, Patty Mariano, Annelee Kiliddjian, Valerie Saad

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Below: 8th graders in Mrs. Camejo’s 3rd grade class