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Do The Right Thing – October Nominees

Congratulations to our October “Do The Right Thing” Nominees: Giancarlo Chantres and Sophia Viera!

Giancarlo Chantres, 6th grade, is a leader in his class and shows kindness to everyone. His teachers have witnessed several examples of his showing kindness to others. Giancarlo has shared his books with students who don’t have them. He is willing to lend a helping hand when a classmate’s locker is stuck; he tries to help them open it. He is eager to help the teacher with any class duties such as collecting papers, going to the office, etc. If a student or a teacher drops something, he is quickly retrieving it off the floor for them. Giancarlo has comforted a classmate that is having a bad day by saying kind words and helping the student smile. He has a bright disposition and is a kind-hearted young man.

Sophia Jolie Viera is in 6th grade and is a very respectful young lady.  Sophia is an honor student with excellent grades.  She puts forth maximum effort in all of her studies and excels in band. Sophia is in the percussion section of the school band.   She plays the flute and she also plays classical piano. Sophia is always joyful and kind to all around her. She collects food and clothing for the homeless with her mom. They also take toys to local orphanages. Sophia has volunteered her time in the aftercare at school and loves helping the younger children with their homework.   Because of her love for children, Sophia would like to be a teacher.