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4th Graders Contact Schools Across the U.S.

4th Graders Contact Schools Across the U.S.

Mrs. Green’s 4th grade class participated in the Great Mail Race…an exciting project where each student searched online for schools in 2 different states and wrote a letter to each school. Our students sent a questionnaire and requested information about each school. The goal was to learn about schools in every state, so 49 letters were sent out.

Below are the responses some of our students received:

Saint Edward School in TN – Ricardo Rios learned they love country music and the Grand Ole Opry!

Colorado Springs School in CO – Alejandro Cejas learned that from this school they can see Pikes Peak and they have snow days off. He received a picture of the Colorado state flag, a pen with gold flecks in it, a piece of pyrite (a mineral also called fool’s gold) and a Christmas ornament stamped with the state name.

Central Wisconsin Christian School in WI – Gabriela Tapanes learned most of the students loved cheese and ice fishing. She received a class photo and a Wisconsin postcard.

Ohio Elementary School in NY – Cristina Pernas  received  a class  photo from a 4th grade class. She learned the school has an annual talent show.

West Alabama Christian School in AL – Isabella Bonilla learned they only had 7 students in 4th grade, 2 in 5th grade and 114 in the entire school.

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Left to Right: Alejandro Cejas, Ricardo Rios, Gabriela Tapanes, Cristina Pernas, Isabella Bonilla