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Weekly Word – Jan. 11, 2021

Our ultimate counsel for our young people should be that God’s promises are true. This scriptural pattern for choosing wisely must not only be taught, but it must be practiced and modeled by those of us who influence young people because we know how inevitable it is that these difficult decisions will come.

Weekly Word – Jan. 4, 2021

If during the past year you somehow lost your “perfection,” there is no better time than today, at the beginning of this New Year, to aim for it once again. Let’s join together in aiming for perfection this year. God will bless each of us separately and together if we do.

Weekly Word – Dec. 28, 2020

By now most of the wrapping paper from Christmas is cleaned up, the boxes put away and the decorations stored. The gifts we shared with each other are in the closet or a drawer or maybe sitting on a shelf. They brought us joy and happiness, because they are from those who care about us.

Weekly Word – Dec. 21, 2020

Not unlike a gift given to us at Christmas, all we have to do is receive it. But unlike the presents we receive at Christmas, the peace that God offers through Jesus is eternal. May this Christmas bring peace to your heart.

Weekly Word – Dec. 14, 2020

Jesus is the solution God provided to all of humanity, to demonstrate how much He cares for us. As we enjoy this Christmas season, let us faithfully share the truth of Christmas with all who need Jesus to find their way in the storms of life.

Weekly Word – Dec. 7, 2020

God knew that what the world needed was forgiveness, so God sent a Savior! May I suggest that as you unwrap the presents this Christmas, not to forget that the greatest gift of the Christmas season is the gift of forgiveness.

Weekly Word – Nov. 23, 2020

Thanksgiving is a time that we can thank God for the opportunity and freedom to provide for our family through hard work. It is also a time to recommit to do the work God has called us to do as believers, by sharing the good news of the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

Weekly Word – Nov. 16, 2020

Each day at FCS, students from the primary grades through high school are involved in the study of history. Our students are taught to learn from the events of history both from this country and the world. We believe that though the world and our country have certainly changed over time, there is value in understanding and studying history.

Weekly Word – Nov. 9, 2020

Heart issues are often more about attitude than about behavior. We can “act” like “Christians,” do all the right things and still ignore our own flawed character. We need to pray that we can focus more on our heart attitude than on religious activity.

Weekly Word – Nov. 2, 2020

On this pre-election day, it might be a good time to consider, what are your preferences and what are your convictions in your life as a Christian parent.

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