A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL


In June of 1968, a group of Christian parents met together and prayed that God would direct them in the establishment of a new Christian school in Miami. From that meeting came a ground swell of support that led to the purchase of a church building and surrounding property which was to become Florida Christian School. Florida Christian was established as a Christian school with a family atmosphere. Our curriculum is Christ-centered rather than man-centered, making Christ preeminent in every aspect of the educational program. It is a school where parental involvement is high and teachers are known to be loving and caring toward their students.

Even though there has been significant growth through the years, the same loving spirit still characterizes the school. From the first one hundred original students to the over eleven hundred of today, a common thread of pride in the school is blended with their appreciation for the faculty and staff who sacrificially have ministered to their students and to the community throughout the years.