A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

Middle School and High School Faculty

David Aguirre, BA
Bible 10, Head Middle School Football Coach
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
E-mail: d.aguirre@floridachristian.org

Mark Ardois, BS, MATS
Bible 11

Mints International Seminary
Florida International University
E-mail:  m.ardois@floridachristian.org

Alberto Basulto, BS
Media Production

University of Florida
E-mail: a.basulto@floridachristian.org

Lauren Beers, BA, MS
Anatomy, Anatomy Honors, Biology, Science 7, Girls’  JV Volleyball

Trinity International University
Florida International University
E-mail: lbeers@floridachristian.org

Maria Belleau-Cabauy, BA
Spanish II, Elementary Spanish
University of New Orleans
E-mail: mbelleau-cabauy@floridachristian.org

Chris Brigman, BA
US History 11, Honors US History 11,
Varsity Baseball Coach

Trinity International University
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #299
E-mail: CBrigman@floridachristian.org

Jennifer Bryan, BFA
Middle School Drama, High School Drama, Advanced Drama, 6th Grade Drama

University of Texas at Austin
E-mail: j.bryan@floridachristian.org

Stephen Byers, BRE, BS,  MA
Physical Education, Team Sports

Prairie Bible Institute
George Fox College
Portland State University
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 ext. 252
E-mail: SByers@floridachristian.org

Arilis Cabrera, BS, MS
English 12, English 12 Honors, English 11

Florida International University
Nova Southeastern University
E-mail:  a.cabrera@floridachristian.org

Daniel Carp, BA
AP English 11, AP Psychology, Honors English 11, English 11

Florida International University
E-mail: d.carp@floridachristian.org

Michelle Collazo, BA
FCS Online

University of Florida
E-mail:  m.collazo@floridachristian.org

Mitchell Curry, BM, MM
Band Director
University of Cincinnati
Western Michigan University
E-mail: mcurry@floridachristian.org

Ana Del Valle, BA, BS, MA
Science 6th Grade, 6th Grade Science Honors, Science 8, Bible 6D

Faith Baptist College
Barry University
E-mail: ADelvalle@floridachristian.org

Madeline Diaz, BS
Elementary Computers, Middle School Computers, High School Computers

Western Carolina University
E-mail: M.diaz@floridachristian.org

Sandra Dieguez, BA, MS
Honors World History, AP World History, AP US History

Trinity International University
Nova University
E-mail: S.Dieguez@floridachristian.org

Jason Doan, BA
Assistant Athletic Director, Varsity Sports,
Varsity Boys’ Head Basketball Coach

Florida International University
Voice-mail: 786-547-8800
E-mail: j.doan@floridachristian.org

Elena Dossett, BS, M. Ed.
Language Arts 6, Language Arts Honors  6, Language Arts 7
University of Miami
University of Florida
Email: edossett@floridachristian.org

James W. Erwin, BS, MS
Physics Honors, AP Physics, Honors Calculus, AP Calculus

Florida International University
E-mail:  j.erwin@floridachristian.org

Nora Gomez , BS, MS
Marine Science, Honors Marine Science,  Honors Environmental Science

Florida International University
Liberty University
Email: ngomez@floridachrisitan.org

Eva-Marie Gonzalez, BS, MS
Geometry, Honors Geometry

University of Florida, FIU
E-mail: egonzalez@floridachristian.org

Ruth Gonzalez, BS
Honors Algebra II, Honors Pre-Calculus

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Trinity International University
E-mail: r.gonzalez@floridachristian.org

Carly Grant, BA
World Geography, Honors World Geography, World History

Clemson University
Email: cgrant@floridachristian.org

George Gulla
Dean of Students/Security Supervisor

Miami Dade
Voice-mail:  305-226-8152  #299
E-mail:  ggulla@floridachristian.org

Sarah Gruhn, BS
Art, Elementary and Middle School

University of Miami
E-mail:  s.gruhn@floridachrisitan.org

Alberto “Tito” Hernandez, BA
Middle School and High School Chaplain, Bible 12, Speech and Debate

Florida International University
Voice-mail:  305-226-8152  #256
E-mail:  a.hernandez@floridachristian.org

Paul Howell, BS, MS
Phys. Ed., Health, Weights, Varsity Sports, Head Track Coach, Asst. Varsity Football Coach

East Tennessee State
Florida International University
E-mail: PHowell@floridachristian.org

Christina Iglesias Quinlan, BA, MS
Math 6, Math 7, Honors Math 6

Florida International University
Email: c.iglesias@floridachristian.org

Aileen Irias, BS
AP Spanish,  Yearbook

Florida International University
E-mail: a.irias@floridachristian.org

Todd Jolly, BA
History 6, History 6 Honors, World Studies 7, World Studies Honors, Asst. Middle School Football Coach
Florida International University

Daniel Johnson, AA
Choral Assistant

Miami Dade Collage



Joy Jones, BS
Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Honors, Algebra II,
Bob Jones University
E-mail: jjones@floridachristian.org

Beth King, BS
Physical Education, Personal Fitness, Varsity Sports, Head Girls’ Volleyball Coach

University of Miami
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #245

Fernando Mesa, BA, MAR
Bible 7 & 8, Middle School Bible Department Head

Trinity International University
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
E-mail: FMESA@floridachristian.org

Kellie Moore, BS Special Education, SLD
Student Support Services Coordinator

Troy University
Voice-mail:  305-226-8152  ext. 680
E-mail: k.moore@floridachristian.org

Jon Patterson, BA
Bible 6 & 7 and History 8
Clearwater Christian College
E-mail: jpatterson@floridachristian.org

Hugues Pericles, BS, MS
AP Biology, Biology, Honors Biology,
Varsity Sports, Head Varsity Boys Soccer Coach

College Notre Dame
Florida Memorial College
Nova Southeastern University
E-mail: HPericles@floridachristian.org

Lisa Marie Pericles, BS, MS
Science 7, Honors Science 7,
Honors Science 8, Honors Physical Science, National Science Honor’s Sponsor

Florida Memorial College
Nova Southeastern University
E-mail: LPericles@floridachristian.org

Anncecille Pitelli, BA
High School Art
, AP Art, Honors Art, Middle School Art, National Art Sponsor
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
E-mail: a.pitelli@floridachristian.org

Rebecca Prinz, BS
World Studies 7, Honors World Studies 7, History 8, Honors History 8

Florida International University
E-mail: RPrinz@floridachristian.org

Lesli Pruna, BA
Spanish I, Spanish II

California State University, Sacramento

Gladys Quinlan, BS, MS
English 7 Honors, English 7, English 8,  Middle School English Dept. Head, NJHS Sponsor

Florida International University
Nova University
E-mail: GQUINLAN@floridachristian.org

Antonio Robinson, BS
Personal Fitness, Physical Education, Weights

Nicholls State University

Kristina Rodriguez, BA, MS
English 8 Honors, English 10, English 10 Honors

Barry University
E-mail:  k.rodriguez@floridachristian.org

Silvia Ruiz, BS, MS
College Algebra, Consumer Math, Algebra II,  Middle School Girls Volleyball Coach

Florida International University
E-mail:  s.ruiz@floridachristian.org

Ileana Silva-Gonzalez, BBA
Pre-Algebra Honors, Algebra I Honors, Math 8

Pace University
E-mail: IGonzalez@floridachristian.org

Jeannine Stemmer, BS, MS
Choral Director, Co-Director of Musical Production

Florida International University
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #248
E-mail: J9Stemmer@floridachristian.org

Scott Stemmer, BM
Student Activities Director, Bible 12,
Girls’ Head Softball Coach
Jacksonville Theological Seminary
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #231
E-mail: SStemmer@floridachristian.org

Jeffrey Swindoll, BA
Bible 9, Bible 7

Baylor University
E-mail:  j.swindoll@floridachristian.org

Austin Tindall, BM
Band Director

University of Cincinnati, College of Conservatory of Music
E-mail:  a.tindall@floridachristian.org

Daisy Valdes, BA
AP English 12, English 10 Pre-AP, AP Research, AP Seminar

Florida International University
E-mail: DVALDES@floridachristian.org

Jessica Valdes-Cohen, BS
English 9, Honors English 9

Florida International University
E-mail:  j.valdes@floridachristian.org

Elda Vallina, BA, MS
Permanent Sub

Florida International University
Barry University

Crystal Vazquez, BA
Government/Economics, Honors Government/Economics, AP Government/Economics, World Geography

Florida International University
E-mail: c.vazquez@floridachristian.org

Kimberly Velasquez, BA
Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry

Florida Atlantic University
E-mail: k.velasquez@floridachristian.org

Sandra Velazquez, BS
Middle School Consumer Science, High School Consumer Science

Cedarville University
E-mail: s.velazquez@floridachristian.org

Mary Whitfield, BS
Physical Education, Health, Middle School Basketball Coach

Bob Jones University