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Natalia Baixeras

I began my walk with the Lord at Florida Christian School during 6th grade and I was mentored and lead by various teachers who continue to play a huge role in my life and relationship with God. In my senior year, I was able to grow in my relationship with the Lord thanks to so […]

Anthony Baserio

I transferred to Florida Christan School during Sophomore year and was saved Senior year. I was exposed to who Christ really was after 16 years of living life having no knowledge of a creator and denying that there was one. It was by the grace, faithfulness, and patience of God that I was brought to […]

Gabriela Rodriguez

Beyond the courses, learning and teachers, this was the place that took my faith from an average believer, to a wholehearted follower of Christ. Of course I was taught how to write proper essays, understand the functions of the US government, and take the derivative of just about anything, but most importantly, I learned how […]

Nicole Garcia

Florida Christian School was a huge part of shaping my life and had a lot of influence on who I am as a person. From the age of four to the age of eighteen, I was placed in a school that supplied me with a solid education and opportunities in the arts and sports. More […]

Sebastian Lopez

Florida Christian School was the first place I heard the gospel. The love and spirit of The Lord are there roaming throughout the halls. Something special has been and will continue to go on at Florida Christian. The teachers are great beyond their teaching abilities. Teachers at Florida Christian took me under their wing as […]

Fernando Mihaic

Florida Christian School gave me so many opportunities in academics, the field, and the theatre to branch out and try different things. Those experiences all forged the person that I am today. To delineate every impactful experience at FCS would take a lifetime. The Faculty is a large part of the reason why I love […]

Cristina Palma

Florida Christian School gave me the foundation needed to succeed while I was there and then continue to do so anywhere else. Leaving FCS was one of the hardest things to do because of the amazing teachers and experiences I knew I had to leave behind. The teachers pushed me to be a better student. […]

Rebecca Orellana

Florida Christian School totally pushed me to a closer relationship with Christ. It’s committed and humble pursuit of holiness and godliness in their classrooms, teacher-student interactions, disciplinary actions, sports teams, etc. is what made the school the most impactful part of my spiritual growth and appreciation for my relationship with Christ. The staff was not […]

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